Track time spent on emails: Outlook to Excel Integration



A large client needed to be able to track ad-hoc queries that were sent to its data team. Aside from the regular processes, they often dealt with lots of single updates that would often extend from one minute to one hour jobs. However, over time the number of updates steadily increased, until they were spending more time doing ad-hoc updates than they were on regular processes.

The company needed to identify a trend in the data they were updating in order to identify where the most common issues arise from. This meant tracking Outlook email data, and logging this; but the company was adamant that this should not mean having to re-enter email data into another spreadsheet – increasing the time they spent on these ad-hoc queries.


Being able to integrate Microsoft Outlook into Microsoft Excel allows for a new level of data insight.

Allowing your team to quickly log email metadata along with time spent on that email allows greater decisions to be made based on the type of work your team is completing.

This information can be indispensable for companies that do not have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software or do not require such tools (such as internal teams).

1 – Select your email in Outlook

2 – Go to Excel, click on the tab and press the Log Email button


[/responsive] Press the Log Email Button

3 – Enter the amount of time you have spent working on this email


[/responsive] Enter ’35m’ for 35 minutes, or ‘4h’ for 4 hours

4 – The confirmation message will display what you have just logged


Confirmation of the details logged


5 – You can view the data at any time


[/responsive] The information is captured in a table and can be used for KPI/MI reporting

Max. execution time: 5 seconds (including user input)

This process allows greater insight into the work a team completes as you can now effectively log the work the team has been completing without the need to overhaul current systems.