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A brief history

We are a small company, formed to address the gap between the end-user and developer – while utilising and enhancing your existing infrastructure. We can maximise the return from your Office Applications, limiting the need for additional software subscriptions and training.

We help decommission old User Developed Applications (UDAs) designed in Excel with robust, fully tested, audit-capable and controlled Excel environments – maintaining your existing software infrastructure*  without huge initial costs.

*subject to minimum requirements

Our biggest project from 2017

Time saved
Cost saving
Return on investment after 1 month
  • Thank you, Format Cells, for saving me thousands of hours by making my macro so incredibly fast and reducing it to just one click.

    - 2018 - UK Based Asset Manager -


Some examples of our work

Spreadsheet solutions

Solutions designed solely with Excel

Inter-connected processes

Connecting Microsoft Office applications to other applications


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Hours saved on 2017's largest project

Satisfied Clients

Legacy UDAs Decomissioned

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